The secret is a good stretch and a lot of sand

Chillout Tento setup is so easy - it just takes 3 simple steps

1. Fill the bags with sand 

2. Stretch the fabric

3. Assemble the poles and place them under the fabric


The first secret is filling the bags with a lot of sand. The heavier the sand sacs, the more stable the Tento will be. When  you think you have put enough sand in the sacs, put some more :)

In really strong windy conditions you can even wet the sand a bit to make the bags heavier.

The second secret is a good stretch. Same as us  - the Tento needs a good stretch to stand straight and feel better.

Stretch the fabric by moving the filled sand bags in opposite directions. The more the Tento main fabric is stretched the more stable it will be.

Once the fabric is stretched, place the poles under the fabric and stand them up. 

Now it is the time to sit under your Tento and enjoy the beautiful day at the beach!