Setup Chillout Tent on a Windy Day

One of the great advantages of the Chillout beach etnt is it's Wind Resistance. It can stay stable in High wind, and if you just set-it up properly you can enjoy a shady relaxing on a windy day.

So... how to do it??

Make sure you fill the bags with plenty of sand: The heavier the sandbags are, the more stable the beach tent will be. When you think you have put enough sand in the bags, put some more.

In really strong windy conditions you can even wet the sand to make the sandbags heavier.

Stretch: Stretch the fabric by moving the filled sand bags in opposite directions. The more the Tent main fabric is stretched the more stable it will be.

Place the poles in opposite direction to the wind: Once the fabric is stretched, place the poles under the fabric and stand them up, place the poles in opposite direction to the wind and let the wind blow under the tent.

If you’re having trouble, get in touch and we’ll help you sort it! We provide private lessons for free :) 

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