Here Are The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Australia

Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Thousands of kilometres of pristine beaches cover the periphery of Australian land. Here in this list we have compiled some of the best beaches in Australia. The ratings for these beaches are based on many different factors, including attractions that are nearby. The cleanliness of the beach must be considered for sure, and it matters if there are facilities available for public use.

Here is a list of five of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is part of Queensland. Have you heard of the Whitsunday Islands? Out of that group, Hamilton is the largest. Featuring a commercial airport, Hamilton Island is easily accessible via direct flights from many of Australia's major cities. If you plan a visit to the beautiful beaches on this island, try to plan your trip during the annual yachting festival that is held there. Catseye Beach is the hotspot on this island.

Surfers Paradise

Everyone has heard of the Gold Coast. However, it is home to quite a few beaches. You can go up and down the Gold Coast touring the various beaches, and they are all wonderful. One of the best beaches to visit along the Gold Coast is Surfer's Paradise. The beach stretches for nearly two miles, and you will find much to do in the area when searching for entertainment. While the name might bring up images of great surfing, the waves are just so-so, yet the beach is excellent for swimming.

Kirra Beach

If it's surfing you're looking to do; then you might want to head to Kirra Beach. Kirra Beach is also along the Gold Coast in Australia. You're talking about a white sand beach with gorgeous waters, and it's not far away at all from another famous beach, Coolangatta Beach. There are some excellent place to eat in the area when you have had your fun in the sun. You might also want to know that Coolangatta Beach is a great surfing spot as well.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is next on the list, and it's considered to be one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Expect to see turquoise waters white sand. Take in the sunset, ride a camel on the beach, enjoy a 4WD adventure and more. That sunset camel ride sounds exciting and romantic. If you're looking for drinks, Zanders Bar is mentioned in the reviews. Head on over to Broome and enjoy Cable Beach, one of Australia's best.

Great Barrier Reef

Sometimes it's not just what's outside the water but what's inside the water. You're going to want to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Travel to northeastern Australia, and plan to go scuba diving. You're going to see all kinds of sea life while scuba diving off the coast of Queensland, and of course it's great to see the reef itself.

Those are five of the best beaches in Australia. You might not be able to visit them all during one vacation, but you can sure try. You can always come back for more, soaking up the sun on Australia's best beaches. Be sure you end up on the Gold Coast at some point.