Midi Tento

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The Midi Tento size is 2.10m \ 2.25m and it fits four people.

Detailed Description

The Tento is an innovative stakeless beach tent you can take anywhere for some perfect shady relaxing.

Can be set up in multiple configurations to provide maximum shade and sun protection.

Made from quality breathable Lycra Polyester fabric, it is designed to minimise wind resistance with easy to use sandbags.

It comes in a range of stylish colours, is quick to dry and provides UV protection.

Tento Kit 

  • The Tent with the attached sand stabilisers 
  • Two Poles
  • Ultra-compact carry bag with a shoulder strap

Setup Instructions 


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3 Reviews

Stephen 27th Jan 2019

So Easy!

We love our Midi Tento! So easy to set up and pack down. Gives great shade and lets the breeze through easy. Love it!

Annie 16th Jan 2019

Excellent Shade and Customer Service

I absolutely love my chillout midi-tento. It’s a perfect size for my family of 2 adults and 2 young kids.
As others have said, if you fill the sandbags full and put the poles on the windy side and leaning into the wind(!), then the tent has stood up to some fairly windy conditions.
So many people have asked about it. It takes about 90seconds to put up and 30seconds to put away in the handy little bag. Super easy. Also the material just makes the sand fall off so you don't leave trail in the car. Finally, we got the bright pink tent which stands out really well so my husband hasn’t lost us yet!
Ooh and the customer service has been perfect.
Great product! Thank you so much. You’ve increased our beach time by about 3hours!

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