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New Arrivals - Beach Shelter Tent

Perfect for a Sunny day - UPF50 protection

‘Shades Sun Chillers’, are unique, compact, light-weight, and perfect for any Summer getaway. Sun Shades Chillers are made of high quality, Lycra fabric.

Shades are excellent for protecting your family with UPF50 sun protection. Shades offer sun and wind protection with a UPF50 and block 98% of UV rays.

But what makes Shades Sun Chillers something to be added to everyone’s bucket list this festive season, is that can be used outdoors on grass as well as on the beach; and offers protection for any event, season or outing, not just Summer.

Colourful and Stylish

Add a pop of colour to your Summer scheme, with Shades Sun Chillers which come in yellow, turquoise, pink, red, royal blue, orange, white, navy, green apple and purple!

Easy to Setup

The lightweight technology which weighs 2-3kg when open makes it super easy to carry, set up and take down. No need to dig deep in the sand, and waste time setting up, with Shades Sun Chillers you’ll be relaxing in no time. It’s as simple as filling sand bags with beach sand and erecting two aluminium poles. (For grass use pegs.)

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