New Arrivals - Beach Shelter Tent

Perfect for a Sunny day - UPF50 protection

Chillout SHADES and Beach Tents are unique, compact, light-weight, and perfect for any Summer getaway. The Chillout Sun Shades are made of high quality, Lycra polyester fabric. The lycra polyester is a strong, stretchy fabric which resists against tears.

The Shades are excellent for protecting your family with UPF50+ UV protection on a hot summer day.

It’s a great way to stay sun safe while not being confined to a small traditional sun tent. They are adjustable and could be set up in multiple ways — both on the beach with the easy to use sandbags and on the grass using pegs.The Chillout Shades will become essential as your cosie.

Colourful and Stylish

Chillout offers a variety of beach tents for the Aussie family and beachgoer, catering from 2 to 8 people.!

They come in funky colours for all walks of life!. Add a pop of colour to your Summer scheme, with Chillout Shades which come in yellow, turquoise, pink, red, royal blue, orange, white, navy, green apple and Lilac.

The Chillout Shades comes in Three sizes: Maxi which is suitable for eight people, Midi which can comfortably host four people and Cosy for two people.

Easy to Setup

The Chillout shades are lightweight and weigh 2-3kg. These sun shelters are easy to carry, easy to assemble and clean. No need to dig deep in the sand, and waste time setting up, with Chillout sun Shades you’ll be relaxing in no time. It’s as simple as filling sandbags with beach sand and erecting two aluminium poles.

If you are having a relaxing day in the park you could use pegs - it is that simple!

You can even use them in your camping site for some perfect shade relaxing.

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